Has it always been your dream to become super rich? Then buying a ticket for a EuroMillions lottery draw in 2023 might be a good idea. The past has proven that you absolutely have a chance to win. Perhaps you’re going to be the new name in a long list of EuroMillions winners!

Buy your lottery ticket now online & get 1 free

There’s actually no reason why you shouldn’t participate in the EuroMillions lottery. A ticket only costs 2,50 pounds, which is 2,83 euros. You can buy up to 10 play slips and play up to 7 lines of numbers. Always buy on time, because the ticket sales close at 7.30 p.m. before the draws at Tuesday and/or Friday evening. You can purchase tickets for the new draw from 9 p.m.

EuroMillions Million maker rules

The rules of this lottery are very simple. You have to choose 5 numbers from a range of 1-50 and two Lucky Star numbers out of 1-12. You can also use the so called ‘Lucky Dip’ to randomly pick the 5 numbers. If all these numbers match with those that appear during the draw, you win the Jackpot.

Extra chance to win
An extra chance to win is added automatically by the UK Millionaire Maker. It doesn’t apply for the Jackpot, but you can still win 1 million pounds with it. It’s even possible to win the Jackpot ánd the UK Millionaire Maker! This makes the EuroMillions draw even more exciting. Hopefully you’re ready for the weekly draw on Tuesday and Friday evening.

What is the EuroMillions Jackpots?

There prizes that are mentioned above are very small in comparison to the Jackpot record of EuroMillions. The biggest EuroMillions Jackpot ever was 161 million pounds, which is a stunning 182 million euros! Currently, the maximum Jackpot is 190 million euros. This huge amount of money has to be won in four draws before the maximum level is hit. If the Jackpot does not fall, the additional money will roll down to the next highest tier with winners. Usually this is the second prize (5+1) of 258.000 euros. Also not bad at all!

Prizes besides the Jackpot
Did you not win the Jackpot? Too bad! Perhaps another prize is yours. For example, you still win 227. 848 pounds (about 258.000 euros) when you have 5 main numbers and one Lucky Star. 5 correct numbers are worth more than 23.000 pounds, whereas with 4 main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars you win 2307,30 pounds. With less correct numbers you win less money, but it’s still nice. For example, you can add 78 pounds (88 euros) to your bank account when your ticket has 3 main numbers and two lucky stars.

EuroMillions events
EuroMillions is a very active lottery. It organizes several events a year, all over Europe. One of the greatest is the European Millionaire Maker in which several draws are organized on the continent. Every year it creates new European millionaires. Are you going to be one of them? EuroMillions organizes special events only for the United Kingdom as well. In that case you can win more than 1 million pounds or some luxurious prizes, like a stay in a 5 star hotel. Over there you can (temporarily) live like a real millionaire!

EuroMillions offers the biggest jackpot of any lottery played in the UK with a starting jackpot of £12million capable of rolling over to produce a maximum jackpot of £190million. The EuroMillions lottery draw is run in the UK by the National Lottery and the draw takes place each Tuesday and Friday evening.

Players must choose 5 main numbers between 1 and 50 and additional numbers called 2 lucky stars between 1 and 11. Prizes are awarded for matching at least 2 main numbers with a Jackpot prize being paid to any player matching all 5 main numbers and both lucky stars.

EuroMillions odds are as follows:

Main Numbers Matched Lucky Stars Matched Odds of Winning
5 2 1 in 116,531,800
5 1 1 in 6,473,989
5 0 1 in 3,236,995
4 2 1 in 517,920
4 1 1 in 28,774
4 0 1 in 14,387
3 2 1 in 11,771
3 1 1 in 654
2 2 1 in 822
3 0 1 in 327
1 2 1 in 157
2 1 1 in 46
2 0 1 in 23

Millionaire Raffle in the United Kingdom

Alongside the EuroMillions lottery draw there is an additional raflle draw which is only available to UK players. This raffle is called the Millionaire Raffle and players are automatically allocated a raffle ticket number whenever they purchase a EuroMillions ticket. There is no addiitional cost for the Millionaire Raffle and each draw one lucky player wins a guaranteed £1million for matching the Millionaire Raffle number. Details of the Millionaire Raffle number are published at the same time as the EuroMillions prize breakdown, usually within an hour of the main draw taking place.

EuroMillions Results
Results for the EuroMillions draw are usually available online by 8:45pm and the UK prize breakdown is normally updated between 9.30pm and 10.00pm