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UK lotteries online

The UK National Lottery is managed by the Camelot Group. Camelot is a private company that manages and operates several national lotteries in Britain, including Lotto, EuroMillions, Thunderball and several other games.Camelot organises the sweepstakes, sells tickets for the sweepstakes and manages the funds generated by the sweepstakes, which are used to support charities and award prizes to winners. News, Draws, Prize/ jackpot winners of the UK Lottery, Thunderball and Euromillions Million maker.

What are the most popular UK lottery in 2024?

Play online the most popular uk lottery or worldwide lotteries:

United Kingdom lotteries

lotto ballen in hoofdstad UK london

Most played lotteries outside UK are the American Mega millions and Powerball:

American lotteries

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UK Lotto

Lotto game for every country, also UK like this lottery. Biggest win was £66 Million Lotto Jackpot. Not bad for this relative small lotto.


Thunderball is the highest odds national lottery, giving you more odds than similar games. In fact, players have a 1 in 8 million chance of winning

The jackpot of up to £500,000 by matching the five main numbers and the Thunderball.


Euromillions is the best UK lottery when it comes to jackpots, with jackpots starting from £14.3 million and caps of up to £193.8 million.

Peoples Postcode lottery

The Postcode lottery along with the sister lotteries in other countries the raised €850 million for a better world. The winning couple splash on Tom Jones’ old country manor house for £4MILLION =. Dave and Angela Dawes, who scooped £101million on Euromillions this year, splashed on the six-bed room pile that the Welsh star once co-owned with fellow crooner Engelbert Humperdinck.

Lottery United Kingdom news

January 2024,

Allwyn, a subsidiary of Europe’s largest lottery operator Sazka, has been awarded the Fourth Licence to run the National Lottery starting February 2024 and is committed to introducing new products and technologies to improve player protection and increase returns for good causes in the UK​​​​.

Allwyn aims to reinvigorate the National Lottery by enhancing the efficiency, convenience, and accessibility of participation, while also focusing on the protection of players from gambling harm. They plan to introduce new and exciting ways to play, invest in retailers to support the recovery and transformation of high streets, and work with strategic partners to support the growth of a world-class British supply chain​​.

The transition from Camelot to Allwyn is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the National Lottery, with a focus on growth and innovation to maximize returns to Good Causes. While specific games and changes under Allwyn’s stewardship have not been detailed, their experience in running lotteries across Europe suggests a potential improvement in draw-based games, which could lead to more revenue for good causes​​.