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About the national lottery

Why the National Lottery improves many lives? One of the goals of the National Lottery is to change lives in a better way. One day your life could be totally different. However, people in need benefit as well. To make this possible, you have to participate in lotteries like EuroMillions and Lotto. These lotteries donate millions of their revenue to charities every year.

Many possibilities to win
The National Lottery strives to maximize returns by offering big prizes and good winning chances. One of the lotteries that is characterized by this is Lotto. Since 1994 it’s one of the most popular lotteries in Great Britain for a reason. It does have a good opponent in EuroMillions though. This lottery is also organized in other countries. Did you not win a great prize in these lotteries? No problem, because there are enough other possibilities as well. Try Thunderball, Lotto HotPicks and EuroMillions HotPicks for example, and hopefully luck is at your side this time.

Always play responsible
Playing in the lottery is great fun, and winning is even better. The games of the National Lottery are known for their high quality. Everyone has a fair chance to win. However, it is important to play in a responsible manner. The National Lottery thinks that responsible play is incredibly important. It rather wants more people to play a little, than a few people play a lot. Never spend more money than you can afford!

Donations to charities

The National Lottery donates about 30 million pounds a week to charity! It supports charities in all aspects of society, including the environment, sports and the creative industry. It also gives money to help the elderly and to discover young talent. About 185 projects per postcode area are supported, Incredibly enough, about 400 new projects are supported every week! Special organizations ensure that the money is donated correctly. So by participating in the lottery, you’re helping Great Britain. Feels good, doesn’t it?