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Allwyn companyt of UK lottery license

Allwyn is the world’s leading lottery operator. We build a better lottery and give charity more by focusing on innovation, technology, efficiency and safety. From February 2024, Allwyn has officially been granted its fourth license to operate the National Lottery in a decade.

Allwyn and lotteries

A lottery-first approach focused on affordable entertainment games has earned us a leading market position with trusted brands in Europe including Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece and Cyprus, as well as Italy. Through our 64,000 points of sale and digital platforms, we serve a market of more than 79 million adults with an annual turnover of more than 16 billion euros.

As one of the largest taxpayers in each of our markets, we contribute significantly to national and local economies by returning more than €2 billion in tax and lottery taxes to governments. We also support direct community investments in each of Allwyn’s brands and fund a variety of charities in the health, sport, arts and community sectors.